Cancer can be scary.

You have testing, diagnosis, and then possibly, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and medication.

Then there’s diet, nutrition and supplements.

Plus alternative medicine, like acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, purple rice, kangen water, and on and on.

As an insurance organization we know that the only time people actually want life insurance is when they think they can’t get it.

A cancer diagnosis changes everything.

Most times, once you are diagnosed you can’t get life insurance. It’s too late. Or if you can get coverage, it’s so expensive you can’t afford it.

National Cancer Insurance is an insurance company dedicated just to cancer patients.

We can get you covered at a price you can actually afford so you can protect your family.

Fill out your contact information, then answer a few simple questions and one of our local cancer insurance representatives will call you with your specific confidential coverage options. There will be no sales pressure when we call, we promise. All of our lives have been touched by cancer, that’s why we work here, so we know how you feel. No selling, just telling. Fill out your info, and let’s start protecting your family today.