David Bezar

June 16th, 2013 my daughter Sami (17 at the time) was at senior week, Haley (12) was with friends, my wife Karyn was starting the summer vacation at our shore house, and I was sitting my urologist’s office at 8AM. I was the first patient in the office, but as patients came in they were ushered in to see the doctor before me. I thought that was unfair… but soon I would realize what was really UNFAIR!

When I finally got in to see the doctor, I could tell as he walked into the room that the news wasn’t going to be good. Cancer. I had no suspicion, no symptoms. As a matter of fact, I felt great. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I was 49 years old. I didn’t hear another word he said. I left the office in a fog, all I could think about was not being there for my family.

But with God looking over me and a great surgeon things are working out. I had my surgery December 13th, 2013 and after another 2 years should have a total green light to the future.

Being in the insurance and investment management business for 25 plus years, I had my financial house in order. Thinking I was “locked out” of ever getting additional life insurance, I started researching to see if I could get more life insurance. To my surprise, I found out there were companies that would insure people with both active and cured cancers. I wanted to be a spokesman who informed people that there are options. My advice is get the right amount of protection in place before cancer strikes (the statistics are staggering), but don’t think it’s too late if you are diagnosed.

Derick Buckley

Derick S Buckley and his wife Kerri own and operate The Buckley Insurance Group in Brick, NJ. It is an independent, family-owned business that specializes in Medicare Insurance, Life Insurance and Annuities. Derick started the business in 2009 and Kerri joined in 2015. The major focus since 2009 has been to educate and help seniors save money as they transition to Medicare and enter their retirement. Derick and Kerri are very active in their local community through volunteer work and supporting local charities. As a result of their interaction with seniors, charities and the community, they have become aware of the devastating impact a cancer diagnosis can have on an individual and their families. Cancer not only impacts families financially, but there are enormous time management issues and an abundance of stress that goes along with it.

Derick and Kerri are now doing all they can to help families in their fight with cancer. They are involved with a local cancer charity in Ocean County and want to educate people on how insurance can be a great way to help offset some the financial burden that comes with a cancer diagnosis. There are “cancer policies” that people can purchase while healthy that will provide the individual with a lump sum payment to them upon a cancer diagnosis. Derick and Kerri now offer guarantee issue Life Insurance policies to individuals even after a diagnosis of cancer. Both of these options are just a piece of the puzzle to help us all stay strong and fight this disease.