Cancer survivor swears under oath that this shirt does NOT cure cancer.

When I saw this shirt, I bought 14 of them, so I could wear a clean one every day for two weeks without having to do laundry.

There were some days I couldn’t even get out of bed.

When I was hugging the toilet and asleep on the bathroom floor, I wore this shirt.

When I was looking in the mirror, holding clumps of hair in my hands, I wore this shirt.

When I went to chemo I wore this shirt, and everyone asked me where they could get one.

Every day I put this shirt on and looked in the mirror.

No matter how hard it was, I said “I am a survivor!” ten times, and rubbed my hands on the hashtags.

Every time I threw up.

Every time I took a pill.

Every time I went to a doctor’s office.

Every time I had another test.

I wore this shirt.

When my husband saw me as no husband should see his wife, and gave me that look of pity that we all hate…I wore this shirt.

When my daughters gave me that look, I wore this shirt.

I wore this shirt every day as my super hero armor under my clothes every day until I went into remission.

There were days I couldn’t remember what I looked like wearing anything else.

I see you.

I see you as a super hero.

I stand with you.

Let’s beat this.

Let’s be survivors together.

Let this shirt be your badge of courage.

Your armor.

Your super power.

Your membership card into the strongest group on earth.

Hold your head up high even when you can’t,

And say it with me.

I am a survivor!

Buy 14 for yourself.

Buy 14 for a friend.

Buy them for your support group.

We see you.

We understand what you spouse, kids, and family cannot.

All our profits go to cancer research.

Wear this shirt until no one ever must wear it again.

Buy yourself a cape to go with it.

Make that your Halloween costume every day.

And be recognized for the super hero you really are (especially when you don’t feel like one).

Get yours now!